Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year! New Beginning!

     First off, HAPPY FRICKIN NEW YEAR EVERYONE! It's 2015 now and that means fresh beginnings and new hopes. Until recently I wouldn't consider myself one to say January 1st is a good time to start anything new, I mean any day can be the first day of something new. Even now there is that small part of me that thinks its a little silly but like I said, it's time for a change. A new year, a new change, a new outlook...WOOT!

     So a few of you who are close to me know that 2014 was kind of a trying year for me, that old saying "When it rains, it pours" comes to mind. So during the later months of the year I started kicking myself in the rear to start the gears of change in motion. I started out with an idea, an idea that simply read "2015 will be different if it kills me". Now mind you, I hope it doesn't kill me, I have too much to do in 365 days to let something like that happen. So as the days passed the idea started to form into something more, it decided activate the interlock, connect the Dynotherms, turn infracells up, fire the Mega Thrusters and form into a plan.

     So that brings me to here, reviving what I and probably a lot of you considered to be a dead horse. That's right! The blog is back! *cue dramatic music* The blog will be the base, the torso of this plan you could say. It will be where I write a lot of the ideas down in my head about painting and well general silliness of brain. It will be the central hub of everything in the Mystixsphere. When new videos (yes there will be new videos!) are posted, I will announce it here. So tell you friends, tell your family, heck go and tell your neighbor's dog and stayed tuned to this blog for future updates.

     Now then, I mentioned the re-emergence of videos. Yes those will be coming, no it won't be more episodes with Mario. That show is gone in the history books and bringing it back would never do it justice. It should stay, just the way it is in our memories. Good bye SS & MB, you will live on in our minds.

     "So what will the videos be about then?" He heard them ask impatiently.

     Well, there will be two sides of my video making and I want to be fully transparent with my plan so all of you know whats going on. I currently have two Youtube channels, one is the hobby channel you all know and love and the second is my other hobby, vidya games. Now don't worry, the video game stuff will stay out of the blog unless I see a request for it and then it will be put in it's own separate page. As for a timeline of the video making, I am in the process of getting a new work area that is big enough for painting, filming and recording and once that is completed there will be painting videos. So look forward to that middle January - early February.

     I think that's all I wanted to get off my chest for today. I will try to update the blog at least twice a week but would love to go to a full 5 day schedule and save the weekends for filming and and editing and getting the next week's topics and post written up for all of you fine people.

     Finally I leave you with a question, What would guys like to see not only on this blog but on my Youtube channel as well. Throw out ideas, comments, etc. If I like it and make it into a video I will be sure to give you a proper shout out on the video. also Don't forget to post critiques or complaints. I am open to those as well. The only way I can grow and make this plan successful is if people want to see the content I put out. I want to interest you and hopefully entertain you with my thoughts and sometimes....weird sense of humor.

     So that's all for now. Tune in Monday for my first real blog post, I hope you all the best this new year and let's all strive to make 2015 a year that none of us forget for all the right reasons! Mystix signing out

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  1. woooo! 2015! me too!!!

    looking forward to seeing all you have in store Jedders.