Monday, January 6, 2014

The new Greg!

Hey all!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are all ready for the new week.  So over the weekend, I had a weekend of painting ups and downs. First I nearly wiped out my miniature by giving him a bath in Cherry Cola and had to repaint some parts. Next I gave him some very questionable choices and made him quite colorful and after some advice and suggestions I have finally given him his final form. Now I am aware of some of my mistakes, one of the big ones is my priming job. It is not the cleanest so it gave it a very textured look and ends up making the paint look quite thick. Of course I need to practice my blends and highlighting but that is stuff that will come with more practice.

So I pose this question to all those who read my blog. I want you to give me your honest critiques and opinions and let me know where you think I can improve my painting and my techniques and anything else you feel I should know!

So below are going to be two pictures. The first was the pre midlife crisis Greg, who wore bright colors and believed that he should try to wear as many colors as possible. Then will be the final piece, where he ditched the purple and green for black and and more metallic looks

Alright then! There you go and I hope that you enjoy to see where I currently at with my painting. Again any suggestions or comments are welcome

*~Transmission End~*
Jed (Myst1x) Rudy

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