Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dark Elf Assassin Day 2

So it is now day 2 of painting my Dark Elf Assassins and I have started on the one I named Greg. He is coming along nicer than I thought he would. My hand is still suffering from shakiness so I have been making some mistakes but thankfully I have been keeping them to a minimum.

As you can see, he isn't the best painted piece of work so far but I am happy with my progress. So a little funny story him. I had asked a friend for some lightening and shading advice for the brown. After talking to him for a little bit, I thought it best to try and do some testing on my own and I found what I thought was a nice little fluke. As I was messing around with the paints I have on hand, I found out that Scarlett Red and Hexed Lichen (really dark purple) work really well. After some experimenting with the colours, I came up with this gradient

The very tip of the spoon is what happened when I mixed the Hexed Lichen with the Beasty Brown and everything under that is just different amounts of Scarlett Red mixed with the brown itself and it came out like that.

Alright that's all for me today. See you all tomorrow!

*~Transmission End~*

Jed (Myst1x)Rudy

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