Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Tale of Two Assassins

So the New Year has come and it's that time where most of us making unrealistic expectations of ourselves just to give up on them two weeks later. Myself though, I only expect a few things from myself. I expect myself to paint more, post actively on my blog and be an all around more awesome guy. So starting today, I am setting up goals and rules for myself. Ones that while may be daunting for me at first, will make me a better painter in the long run. 

 First rule is to paint every day. I try to do this now but I will admit, my procrastination skill tree is really high level. This requires me to put away Steam and other things that I know will be tempting me until I feel like I have painted enough for that day. This is, personally what I think will be hardest but if it was easy, wouldn't be a challenge. 

 Second rule is to not dump any miniature I don't like into the dip to wash away my mistake. Once it's painted, it's painted. This is final and binding, if any of my friends read this and hear me talking about it. Call me out on this one. Sometimes I forget that mistakes are part of learning and I can't expect perfection out of myself no matter how it irritates me. 

 So this brings me to first project of the New Year, two Dark Elf assassins. These two have been bugging me since I got them and so my first project is to paint these little suckers. First I will paint one up completely finished to the best my ability and then after that. I will submit it for review on here and try and get as much feedback as possible before painting the second one, Taking into account what I have learned from painting the first and feedback to improve on the second.

So without further ado, let's meet the victims. On the left is Senoniir Moonshadow, One of the Dark Elf elite assassins. His wit is as sharp as his tongue and is to be feared. One the right is Greg, Greg is about a sharp as a cotton ball, His weapons are made out of nerf foam and squeak when he tries to stab someone.
So there they are, right now they look pretty much similar. They were both bought used so I didn't put them on their bases, they were already there so I will have have to work around them. The next step for these two was to get them both primed white and ready for painting.
So i've taken 2 small steps into my New Year's project and will be posting more in the upcoming weeks. That's all for me now!

Until next time,

Jed (Myst1x) Rudy

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  1. You got this Jed :D I love the plan of doing one after the other, you'll see miles of improvement!